Charlene Ross
Charlene Ross has been an Agoura resident for five and a half years and never wants to live anywhere else. She left the unglamorous life of a low-level tour marketing employee in the music industry 14 years ago to become a mom, because getting home after 8 p.m (or later) 5 nights a week and motherhood don't mix together very well. She is now a freelance writer, suburban wife, and mother of two, trying her best to remain somewhat cool and interesting.
Charlene's interests include reading, (though she rarely finds the time), watching TV (always seems to have time for that), drinking coffee at 5 a.m. all by herself in peace and blissful quiet while she writes (or wastes time on Facebook), drinking wine with friends—red or white, music (especially, listening to it live), exercising (okay, that's a lie, she hates exercising, but really loves how she feels when she is done), and spending the day at the beach (best place on earth). And, of course, she loves spending time with her husband and two wonderfully frustrating, but spectacular, children.
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