Marquez Elementary School Receives Happy Hour Donation

The Yogurt Shoppe continues raising funds for local schools, organizations and charities in Pacific Palisades.

In it's ongoing fundraising efforts during their delicious frozen yogurt happy hours, The Yogurt Shoppe raised $241 for Marquez Elementary School and Palisades Preschool. The business for various organizations and charities in 2012.

Happy Hour fundraisers supports an organization, charity, school, etc. for a two week period every day from 5 to 7 p.m., and 15 percent of sales during that time period goes to a local organization. Sabin said they pride themselves on being a part of the local community and building connection and are huge advocates for community support and outreach programs.

The Yogurt Shoppe will be presenting a large check to the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy this Friday for the next happy hour fundraiser.

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