Drop Off and Pick Up Zones for Paul Revere Charter Middle School & Magnet Center

Here's a reminder of how to navigate the traffic situation at the school when dropping off or picking up your student. View the attached map of the traffic plan.

The following information is supplied by the :

Traffic congestion around Revere has caused a potentially dangerous situation for students, faculty, staff, and parents. Although the traffic situation has been a troubling in the past, we are actively surveying what needs to be done in order to remedy this matter. Parents and school administrators have decided to resolve the traffic congestion in the West Driveway by instructing all vehicles entering the West Driveway from Allenford to exit at Sunset Blvd. Therefore, U-turns will no longer be permitted in the West Driveway from 7 to 8 a.m.

Additionally, school bus drivers have been asked not to park on the access road leading out to Mandeville Canyon. There will be two lanes available to exit the campus at the Sunset/Mandeville intersection. Cars heading west should move towards the left side of the access road while cars going east should stay on the right side. Drivers are also mandated not to drive beyond the speed limit (8 mph) while driving on campus.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation in creating a safe environment for everybody.

martha August 28, 2012 at 01:35 PM
Where are these law-enforcement officers who will cite individuals who impede the flow of traffic, particularly who park in no-parking zones? The situation is untenable at drop-off and pick-up times for all of those living around the school (Napoli Drive). Where is the support of city and police officials to solve this problem, this time-wasting, air polluting, gas-wasting, dangerous problem that has been going on year after year?


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