Update: Woman Encounters Stranger on First Floor of Her Home

According to Palisades Patrol, the suspect is in custody as of Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE: 4:46 p.m.: According to LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore, the suspect was arrested for burglary this afternoon. Moore says the report is not yet complete, so information is still coming in.


UPDATE 1:45 p.m.: Palisades Patrol detained a suspect that matched the description of the man who entered the home in the 200-block of Amalfi Drive just past noon Wednesday.

The suspect was caught in the back yard of a residence in the 1100-block of Amalfi Drive. Palisades Patrol officers Eric Fine and Alonzo Hernandez responded after an alarm activation occurred at the residence.

According to Palisades Patrol, the suspect was determined to be involved in the burglary at the home in the 200-block of Amalfi Drive.

Several residents had called in a suspicious person in the area, who was walking through back yards and trespassing, according to the security company.

LAPD is investigating the incident.


responded to a call in the 200 block of Amalfi Drive at about 12:15 p.m. Wednesday after a woman found a stranger in the first floor of her home.

The responding patrol officer said the woman heard a noise coming from the first floor and when she went to check it out, she ran right into the suspect. The man said he was looking for a neighbor. After the resident responded that the neighbor did not live there, the suspect left the home and walked down the street. The resident then called police.

Palisades Patrol says the suspect is described as a black male who was wearing a gray sweatshirt and dark pants.

Palisades Patrol officer Eric Fine was the first to arrive on the scene, followed by additional patrol officers. According to the officers, the Los Angeles Police Department was on the scene as of 12:41 p.m. At that time, no arrests had been made and nothing was reported missing from the home.

Palisades Patrol also reminds residents to be aware of what is known as the "Knock Knock Burglar." These burglars appear to be door-to-door solicitors and act with calm demeanor.

The security company also warns that these incidents may occur in broad daylight with residents present. In addition, the suspect may calmly walk away from the scene.

Patch has contacted LAPD for further details. The article will be updated as information becomes available.


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