LAFD Airlifts Stranded Hiker from Will Rogers State Park

The hiker used his cell phone to call 911, and used its backlight and his bicycle light to guide a rescue helicopter to his location, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The rescued a man stranded in the Santa Monica Mountains Sunday night in the vicinity of . According to LAFD spokesman Brian Humphrey, the man was airlifted uninjured.

The hiker called for help at approximately 8:33 p.m., saying he was stranded, Humphrey said. The hiker had left  and somehow crossed over into Will Rogers State Park. Humphrey said it was unknown what time the hiker departed on Sunday and if he was with anybody else. The man's age and residence were also not available.

"With the darkness, he elected to call 911," Humphrey said. "When we sent ground and air crews, it was in his best interest to be airlifted."

The helicopter landed safely in the state park and Humphrey noted the man's cell phone was thankfully charged fully Sunday night.

"He used the backight of his number pad on the cell phone to draw the attention of helicopter crews, and his flashing red bicycle light served as a beacon," Humphrey said.


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