Accident Knocks Down Utility Pole on Sunset Blvd

A section of the road is closed Tuesday morning in Pacific Palisades as work crews clean up the debris.

Sunset Boulevard between Las Lomas Place and Muskingum Avenue is closed Tuesday morning following a traffic collision that knocked down a telephone pole. There is no estimate on when the section of road will reopen.

According to dispatcher Denice Montelongo of , a vehicle crashed into a utility pole at approximately 8 p.m. Monday night in the 16000 block of Sunset Boulevard. She said wires are down and the pole even deflected into a parking structure of a nearby complex.

"There will be congestion all throughout the Palisades," Montelongo said. "We spoke to someone from the city. There is no ETA as to when that road closure will be back open."

Here's some feedback from our Facebook page:

Michele Miller Baron It was closed completely last night around 10. Down power line between El Medio and Las Lomas. Was closed all night open now.

Lynn Edlund McIntyre Late for school!

Chris September 05, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Hope no one was hurt, but the closure is great! No fing motorcycles, horray!!
peter jones September 09, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Thank to pali patrol for all your help


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