Caution: New 'Sweet Spots' Come to the Village

With the French restaurant and bakery, Maison Giraud, about to open and Denise Assad of Bountiful Bakery looking for retail space in the Village, Palisadians have even more reasons to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.

Now that the wooden construction wall has come down, Palisadians can see the sleek elegance of Maison Giraud starting to take shape.

Visit the restaurant's Facebook page for a tantalizing look inside the restaurant. The thumbnail photographs suggest an interior that is both casual and stylish.

A clipboard casually propped against the side wall of the outdoor patio offers, "We are happy to announce we are taking care of final details and that we will be opening soon." 

An informed source tells me that one of those details is the installation of a railing in front of the outdoor patio.

The yellow caution tape currently blocking the entrance keeps curious passer-bys off the stone flooring, but, with wry French humor, the tape apologies for the inconvenience with "Je t'aime." 

Any Palisadian who wants insider news from chef-owner Alain Giraud should write their name and email address on the clipboard, or write to info@maison-giraud.com.

With Maison Giraud joining , Scarlett's Cupcakes, Baskin-Robbins 31 Flavors, , Viktor Benes in Gelson's and Intemperantia Chocolates, Palisadians in search of sweet treats won't have far to travel to satisfy their desire for baked goods, ice cream, fruit drinks and chocolate.

And don't forget the vendors at the Sunday farmers market who set up their tables with lucscious displays of sweet confections and baked goods. One of those vendors, Denise Assad, wants to bring her to a brick-and-motar store in the Village.

Currently she is exploring available retail spaces and reaching out to investors. Given how quickly her baked goods and savory entrees sell out, Bountiful Bakery will find a warm welcome in the Village.

With the fall holiday season approaching, it is comforting to know where to find your favorite scones, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, ice cream, croissants, cheese Danish, apple pies, fruit tarts and coconut cakes.

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