Beware of Santa Monica City Dog Parks!

Muffin (with Chris and Cassius from Weezie's Walkies)!
Muffin (with Chris and Cassius from Weezie's Walkies)!
Weezie's Walkies, the exclusive dog walking company that specializes in the Westside,  wants to remind everyone that although many of the Santa Monica Dog Parks are wonderful please be aware that you are in danger of getting an expensive ticket if you do not have a Santa Monica dog license for your dog.  Other city licenses will not do.

It is possible to get a S.M. license even if you are not a resident of the city but if you have your dog at one of the S.M. parks with a license from another city (i.e. L.A. or Culver City) you run the risk of being ticketed.  L.A. and most other cities do not have these restrictions.

Enjoy the dog parks of your community and remember that exercise, socialization and FUN and key to your dog's (and your) happiness!  Bark well!!!! - Chris at WeeziesWalkies.com


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