Food Trucks Coming to Pali's First Village Holiday Eat & Greet

Hungry for Maine lobster or Korean barbecue? Food trucks take over this new Pacific Palisades community event Friday night along Antioch, Swarthmore and Sunset. Shopping local is encouraged.

Local business owners in Pacific Palisades banded together to launch the first ever Village Holiday Eat & Greet, beginning Friday, Nov. 30 at 5 p.m. on Friday.

It's being organized by the Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce.

Executive Director Arnie Wishnick said with the rise in the food truck craze and diverse range of tasty gourmet food made on four wheels, he felt it was something worth trying for a new holiday event for Pacific Palisades.

"If it's a hit we'll do it again sometime," he said.

There are eight food trucks and two game trucks participating, as well as stores along Swarthmore Avenue, Antioch Street and Sunset Boulevard staying open until at least 9 p.m. Friday night to encourage shopping local and supporting small business.

For more information on the eat and greet, click here and also visit http://www.facebook.com/PalisadesChamber.


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