VIDEO: Loyola Marymount Students Poll Pacific Palisades Voters

Political science college students conduct exit polls in Pacific Palisades on Election Day as part of research for the Center for the Study of Los Angeles.

If you walked out of American Legion Post #283 after voting on Election Day Tuesday, chances are you saw Loyola Marymount University students on La Cruz Drive conducting exit polls.

The political science majors gave voters a 50-question survey as part of the university's work called "Los Angeles Votes" in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Los Angeles. Similar surverys have been conducted in the past.

Senior Ari Palmer said students took to 50 voting precincts in the city on Tuesday, looking at voting behavoir and demographics.

"We're seeing how districts compare to one another," she said, noting they were also looking at how polls compare to polls in other precincts.

Survey answers go toward reseach in predicting Los Angeles voter behavoir, as well as creating a greater awareness in voter diversity. Answers are secured stored in the research offices and hard copies destroyed in five years.

Palmer, along with sophomores Hayley Paul and Adam Bucci, said they were excited to be involved in such thorough exit polls, noting that major news publications, such the Los Angeles Times and other online media, are not conducting them.

Some survey questions ranged from asking who you voted for president, list their top three qualities, pick the top issue most important to you and how long did it take to decide who to vote for. It also asks for zip code, how you voted on the propositions, rank Mayor Antonio Villaraisgosa's job performance, religious preference, highest education achieved, total household income, thoughts on the March 2013 city elections and other current city news.

For more information on the Center for the Study of Los Angeles and its previous exit poll projects, click here.


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