Paul Revere Students Deliver More Than 4,000 Books to Downtown L.A. School

In their second year participating in a book collection drive for the organization Bookends, the Brentwood charter middle school collected more than 7,300 in total, a 10-year high for any school.

Paul Revere Charter Middle School students brought the reward of reading to students at a school near downtown Los Angeles this month during their second annual Bookends drive.

Lead by the student council, Paul Revere students collected more than 7,300 books in just one week, a 10-year high for the non-profit organization. 

Kacy Walker, student council and leadership teacher, said they aim to give back to the community as well as organize the school-wide events. In 2011, the school raised about 5,000 books for Bookends and more than $5,000 for School on Wheels, an organization that provides tutoring to homeless children.

"We collected so many books that they needed to redistribute some of the books to other schools," Walker said in an e-mail this week, noting the students, especially the sixth graders at Paul Revere, stepped up this year. 

After the books were collected the student council organized them by grade level and boxed them. Next, Walker said Paul Revere students took a field trip to delivered more than 4,000 of the books to Leo Politi Elementary School. Revere students received a warm welcome and presentation from the elementary students, and Walker added they spent time in the classroom reading with second grade students.

"It was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved," she added.

Paul Revere student Genna Torgan said she felt like a leader along with everyone else when they took charge and did something that benefited others.

"A class of third graders sang us a song about reading books, and
four second graders read us the poem 'A Million Words,'" said Jamie Snell, student council president. "Right then and there, I felt like a leader."

For information on Bookends, visit their website.


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