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Friends Group Seeks Donations to Reopen Brentwood Art Center

The non-profit group said they did not know why the former operator chose to close art school in the manner that he did.

Since of the proposal to turn over the operations to a non-profit group, an email sent out Wednesday night gave a clearer picture of the monetary support needed to get the art school back up and running.

The Friends of the Brentwood Art Center said they've received approximately $125,000 in committed donations and continue to attempt attracting large donations. In the email, the group asked for commitments of donations so they can meet our goal of raising approximately $300,000. They are seeking a commitment of donations of $5,000 but are more than happy to take lesser or greater amounts.

They reiterated they are in the process of applying for tax exempt status, as well beginning negotiations with the owners for a new lease and is seeking a donation from the former operator of all of the assets.

The group responded to questions about the closing of the BAC and the intentions of Friends if it reopens:

Friends does not fully understand the relationship between the Buttwinicks and Sarkis, nor do we fully understand why Sarkis chose to close the BAC in the way that he did. Suffice it to say, the way this happened caught all of us by surprise and was a stunning and profound lose for all of us. Let us assure you that Friends is completely independent of the Buttwinicks and Sarkis. However, we are working cooperatively with both of them to obtain a new lease and a donation of the assets of BAC.

If Friends is successful in reopening the BAC, Sarkis will not be involved in the operation of the BAC. Many of you have also asked if David and Jordan will continue to run the BAC if it reopens. They will not. A new administrator and curriculum planner will be hired. If Friends is able to reopen the BAC, it is our intent to run the school in a professional first-class manner taking into consideration the needs of the students and teachers. They are the heart and sole of the BAC and we intend to provide them with everything they need to make the teacher-student experience the most rewarding it can be.

The friends group would now like to open the art school in Oct. 1. Their following members are Don and Patti Burris, Beth Levy and Lloyd Bookman, Pierre and Florence Chapgier, Gary Glick, Noreen Herzogs, Joan Isaacs
Gary Paller and Miranda Tollman.

For more questions about the group and the fundaising efforts click at FriendsOfTheBAC@gmail.com.


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