Buyer Shows Cuba Gooding Jr. the Money for his Pacific Palisades Home

Credit realestate.aol.com
Credit realestate.aol.com
Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Pacific Palisades home -- complete with hockey rink -- sold recently for just under $10 million, TMZ reports. 

The actor put the house on the market in October for $11.995 million, Patch reported

The seven-bedroom and seven-bath English-country style home sites on .82 acres, according to the AOL real estate listing, which notes the house sits behind gates at the end of a woodsy lane and has a lighted hockey rink, pool and spa. The inside has stone floors, beamed ceilings and five fireplaces.
Laura Tompkins April 05, 2014 at 07:52 PM
It's good for us all when a property sells, especially one this beautiful and valuable. Here is the Palisades, we live amongst filmmakers; producers, writers, actors, etc, etc. Just like all neighborhoods, some people are nice and some have an attitude. Whatever. It's not personal unless the neighbor knows you and stays away from you. In that case, you should probably leave them alone, especially if they're famous. They deserve to have neighbors they can trust, as does everyone. So, here's this headline of what seems to be good news ... Mr. Goodman sold his incredible property. I hope he got a fair price. Then, the Patch includes a TMZ video mocking Mr. Goodman for the size of his house and his choices of what to include on his property ... And then makes it all about a Pepsi ad he did and finally, of course, it's all about the scumbag lawyer who runs TMZ. First, there is nothing wrong with taking a Pepsi ad. It's a one day shoot for a nice payday. Only in America would people think to judge someone for doing this. Americans are really stupid in general. Second, the size of his house and hockey rink are judged by these morons at TMZ as over-the-top. Idiots. Jealousy is an ugly trait. It's his house, he can build whatever he wants on his property. Worst of all, this Patch is supposed to be for the Palisades. We are a community of filmmakers in one fashion or another. We are friends with our neighbors, whether they be famous or not. Representing the Palisades with a TMZ video making fun of one of our famous residents is just juvenile. This immaturity does not represent the Palisades accurately. Can we be an example of dignity and respect? Penny - perhaps we could strive for a higher standard?
Penny Arévalo April 05, 2014 at 08:00 PM
I agree, it's a beautiful house. I will consider your thoughts.


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