Workers Remove Dead Trees in Pacific Palisades [VIDEO]

Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services removes and grinds dead Eucalyptus trees and other tree species in Pacific Palisades.

Crew 75 of the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services descended on Pacific Palisades Monday, Feb. 25 with one mission this week: to remove all dead trees.

Kurt Elliot, tree surgeon supervisor, walked around the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Fiske Street Tuesday with a work crew grinding stumps of two dead eucalyptus trees they removed. Sunset Boulevard was down to one lane for part of the day with Street Services vehicles mobile at the sites.

Elliot said they also dealt with two dead pittosporum.

Dead trees were removed from Toyopa and Alma Real drives, Elliot added, and they ended Tuesday aiming to set up in the 1000 block of Hartzell Street to begin the same work Wednesday.

Crew 75 is based out of Van Nuys, and they group together the reported dead trees in one community to come in and remove in one swoop, Elliot said.

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