Rains Test Completed Swarthmore Avenue Storm Drain

City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl was able to get the project in Pacific Palisades fast tracked for completion.

A completed storm drain project along a stretch of Swarthmore Avenue has resolved a decade-old flooding issue, according to City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl.

The drainage system, located south of Sunset Boulevard, received its first real test as a large storm rolled through the area late last week.

The issue started and became increasingly worse over the years, and in some cases the flooding affected the lower level or basements of several homes. Residents told Rosendahl that poor drainage prevents water from dispersing and instead creates large pools of standing water. The situation made driving conditions hazardous  – both for residents and those who attend one of  five schools located nearby.

"My staff did some research and discovered that the city could do the work at half the cost  – down to $350,000," Rosendahl said. "I worked with department managers and we all agreed this was a matter of public safety and we put this project on the fast track for completion."

The attached photos show the trench that crews used to install a drain.

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Laura Tompkins December 19, 2012 at 04:17 PM
The flooding affected us all, not just a few houses. Those houses on Swarthmore got it the worse but those on Hampden place were also in danger every time we had a storm. Most of the homes on Hampden place are elevated off the ground and use this 'basement' for storage. Water used to just flood the entire basement therefore making it muddy. Due to the improvements, the problem is better. Rosendahl did a great job. There was one family on Swarthmore who were out of their house for over a year due to flooding and subsequent mold issues (they have two small children.) There are still patches to fix however. Some neighbors on Hampden place have poorly patched holes in the street right in front of their driveway. The sign of a job well done is if it is done well through its completion. The patch job in front of some driveways leaves much to be desired. Also, someone who can do something about it should take a drive on upper Swarthmore closer to Sunset. Driving this stretch, one prays to get through without a punctured tire. The state of Palisades streets in general are something which would not be tolerated in Beverly Hills.


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