PCH/Chautauqua Traffic Signal Needed Circuits Replaced

Caltrans affirms to commit to upgrades at the five-way intersection's traffic signal if safety concerns rise. Nearby DWP-related power outages affect the signal, too.

Caltrans officials confirmed Wednesday's roughly seven-hour traffic signal outage at the Pacific Coast Highway, Chautauqua Boulevard and Channel Road intersection was due to an open circuit and the wires needed to be replaced.

Caltrans Public Information Officer Kelly Markham told Patch Friday the traffic signal for the five-way intersection experiences outages "from time to time." She also confirmed power outages in nearby neighborhoods, such as March 20 outage on Entrada Drive, can affect the traffic signal.

Markham said the signal went into flashing red only during Wednesday's outage.

As evidenced by reader comments, complicating the multi-jurisdictional approach governing the intersection in the Santa Monica and Rustic Canyon area next to Pacific Palisades is getting an official to direct traffic when the signal goes out there.

Pali Patch readers have continuously labeled PCH/Chautauqua the most dangerous intersection in the area, even above Sunset/PCH.

Markham said she was not sure how old the traffic signal is at PCH/Chautauqua but noted it is one of the city's older intersections.

"We keep track of the accident data and traffic count," she added, noting Caltrans acts and will act on any matters to improve the intersection from investigations by other agencies.

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