Council Roundup: LADWP Denies Request for Energy Consultant to Pali Substation Task Force

The community council heard from its representative on the Distribution Station 104 Task Force, who said the group will be looking at all proposed sites for a project that will potentially help the community meet its energy needs.

The Department of Water and Power told members of Distribution Station 104 Task Force at their first meeting last month they were not considering hiring an independent analyst to study where to put the second substation in the community, the Pacific Palisades Community Council learned last week.

Area 3 Representative Jim Rea, who is also sits on the task force, said LADWP General Manager Ron Nichols told members who, after they asked that since the costs for the complex project should warrant a study to be underwritten by an independent energy consultant, said the DWP considers that additional staff to the task force.

This comes after the community council demanded last month that City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl introduce a motion to request that LADWP use funds to retain a qualified, independent energy consultant to work under the direction of the task force.

The project was highlighted last month by sharp differences in the formation of the task force to oversee selection of where the power station would go to meet Pacific Palisades' future energy needs. The differences have since subsided when LADWP added additional members to the task force. However, access to the task force meetings are still a concern.

Rea said they met at the Palisades Lutheran Church on Sept. 19 and it was closed to the public, and only Council District 11 staff and Los Angeles Unified School District staff were allowed to sit in.

"Meeting material will be posted on their website," Rea said, noting last Thursday the task force's website has not been created to date. The task force meets again tonight.

Rea added LADWP has considered additional sites the task force will be evaluating with a facilitator. Factors such as site selection, areas for improvement in those selections and identifying new sites will eventually be presented at public workshops for input, Rea said. The Board of Water and Power Commissioners will ultimately make the site recommendation.

"The big moment of alarm really came about when it became clear that the only purpose for task force is to only find the site, and any other mitigating factors will not be considered," Rea told the community council, noting that tonight's meeting is to review all the sites considered to date. "Im very anxious to see what they’re going to present."

More speeding motorcycles, knock knock burglars and egg vandals

Public Safety Advisor Amy Kalp told the council that since the Los Angeles Police Department issued 104 citations for speeding in the community, mainly along Sunset Boulevard, the widely-known weekly Wednesday motorcycle riders disturbing area residents were out again. She said the LAPD issued more citations and police will remain vigilant on catching speeders in the community.

Kalp reminded the council of the LAPD advisory about the knock-knock burglars reported in the 12000 block of Sunset Boulevard and in Brentwood. A surveillance video of the suspects in action, including a description of their vehicle, can be viewed here.

Kalp added that Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore said there's been trouble of juveniles egging cars and causing property damage. She said they're asking local grocery stores to keep track of eggs being sold to teens at night.

CERT Training courses offered

Education Representative Steve Usi from Palisades Charter High School told the council that Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training began at the school. If the course is full, he suggested looking into the training starting on Oct. 27 at Malibu City Hall, which runs for nine consecutive Saturdays. For more information on CERT, read this letter.

Swarthmore drainage project near completion

Joaquin Maceas, field deputy for City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl's office, told the council the Swartmore Avenue storm drainage project should be completed by this week. He said there were some issues with a knocked down utility pole and a broken water main but they remain ahead of schedule.


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