Community Council Elects New Board of Governors

Barbara Kohn and Chris Spitz win the board's top two seats.

Pacific Palisades Community Council members on Thursday Barbara Kohn to lead the council as chairwoman and Chris Spitz to serve as vice chairwoman. Jennifer Malaret and Ted Mackie each will serve another one-year term as secretary and treasurer.

"I'm very thankful for the board voting for us, and I hope that we live up to their expectations," Kohn told Patch.

"I'm very pleased," Spitz said. "I think that Barbara, Jennifer, Ted and I are going to work really well together and for the benefit of the community, that's the whole reason we're running."

Malaret said she looked forward to another term as secretary of "the community council, which is such a hard-working, committed and diverse group of individuals where we all share the common goal of improving the quality of life in Pacific Palisades."

Janet Turner, the current head of the Board of Governors, appointed community council members Quentin Fleming and Harry Sondheim to count the votes and announce the winners. They are required to keep the vote tally secret, according to the PPCC's bylaws.

"We only announce who won, and we don't discuss any ranking or breakdown of the votes," Fleming said.

"I'm thrilled about the new team who's going to be taking over at PPCC," said Turner. "I think this team is very energetic and enthusiastic and will do a great job."

Turner will replace Richard Cohen as chair emeritus on July 1 when the new Board of Governors takes office.


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