City Council: Fake Guns Should Look Fake

Officials want paintball guns and BB guns manufactured in bright colors only.

This fake gun was altered to look more real. Patch file photo.
This fake gun was altered to look more real. Patch file photo.

Los Angeles officials announced plans today to ask state lawmakers to bolster a bill to require fake guns to be made in bright colors.

A police officer told the City Council's Public Safety Committee an ordinance being written at the city level would be more effective than State Bill 199.

The city's pending ordinance would require companies such as Airsoft, which makes  paintball guns that look like semiautomatic rifles, and the makers of BB guns to produce those products only in bright orange or green.

SB 199 would allow a wider palette of colors, the officer said.

State law prohibits real guns from being made in bright orange and green, so the city's proposed ordinance would be more effective in preventing police officers from mistaking a fake gun for a real one, police said.

The city ordinance also would prohibit the open display of fake guns.

Public Safety Committee members said they would wait to see what happens with SB 199 before acting on the city ordinance, but they suggested the City Council come up with a resoluton in support amending the bill.

City Councilman Mitch Englander, the committee's chair, said when he goes to Sacramento to lobby for funding to fix city streets, he will meet with the bill's sponsors to ask for the changes.

The committee voted to recommend the City Council table ordinance for the time being.

socalheartsnow March 28, 2014 at 02:50 PM
I agree. Toy guns should be an all bright color like orange or yellow so you can tell it's a toy. What about bringing back super soakers…
rob vanasco March 28, 2014 at 04:14 PM
Gun safety LA City Council....lol what a joke!! When LAPD disregards every gun safety rule in existence and dumps their magazines into a truck being driven by two women delivering newspapers and luckily not killing them or anybody else...the Mayor and City council call it a 'reasonable mistake' ...lol. So much for gun safety, If they were principled in their beliefs those officers would be facing jail time not out on the street still endangering the very public they claim to want to protect with their anti Constitutional gun control laws. Just goes to show it's all a lie and the mayor and city council are only concerned with THEIR safety. Because rest assured had a civilian 'been scared' and shot at those officers in mistaken identity they woudl facing the death penalty. Tyranny at its best.
Pepsi1gurl March 30, 2014 at 11:57 AM
Agree. And a Fake City Council should look like a Fake City Council and stop trying to look like a real City Council


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