Staying Safe on New Year's Eve

Local police plan to crack down on DUI drivers.

Before you head out to ring in the new year, police say safety should be the top priority.

“Our biggest problems on New Year’s Eve is drunk drivers and firing guns into the air,” said Officer Peggy Thusing of the Pacific Division Police Department. “We will be deploying extra officers on December 31 who will focus on the reduction of gun fire and DUI's.”

Detective Keysha Gipson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Marina Del Rey Station echoes the appeal for safety particularly when it comes to firing off guns.

“We’re asking people please not to fire weapons into the air at midnight, every year it happens,” Gipson said. “It’s always dangerous. We always have people getting injured as a result of people firing guns into the air.”

When it comes to drunk drivers, if you see one, report it by calling 9-1-1, Thusing said. She also offers a few other safety tips this holiday, including:

  • Plan ahead and designate a sober driver if you plan to drink
  • Take the keys from anyone who appears to be too impaired to drive
  • Take advantage of DUI prevention programs or use public transportation

There are also certain precautions that women, in particular, should take this holiday season, officers say. Women should be cautious when out partying especially if they are alone, according to Gipson. They should always keep a close eye on their drinks and not put them down as well as try to have someone walk them to their cars at night, Gipson said.

The California Highway Patrol and LAPD officers around the city will help enforce the efforts to crack down on DUI drivers from now through New Year’s Day.


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