Police Arrest Yelling Homeless Man Jumping into Traffic in Palisades

The incident began near the Palisades Recreation Center Thursday afternoon.

Los Angeles police arrested a homeless man Thursday afternoon for disturbing the peace after he reportedly caused a scene in Pacific Palisades, including yelling at children and jumping in and out of traffic, which resulted in the response of multiple public safety units.

According to Palisades Patrol CEO Scott Wagenseller, they responded to the recreation center around noon for a report of a man scaring patrons. Wagenseller said Officer Eric Fine saw the man showing the behavoir leave the park by foot on Toyopa Drive toward Carey Street.

The man stops at a bus stop on eastbound Sunset Boulevard and Carey Street and reportedly continued yelling and jumping intro traffic.

Wagenseller said they contacted LAPD due to the man's unsafe and disturbing behavoir.

An LAPD cruiser responded and confronted the man in the parking lot of Corpus Christi Church, where he then reportedly became combative with police. Wagenseller said police called for back-up, which included 14 cars, a helicopter and three more Pali Patrol units.

LAPD restrained the man, who was reportedly spitting on police, and took him into custody for a mental evaluation.

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