Man With Knife Covered in Blood Found to be Skinning a Dead Deer

LAPD and Palisades Patrol responded in force to the Palisades Highlands neighborhood Saturday night after receiving a report of an assault with a deadly weapon.

Several Los Angeles Police Department cruisers, a helicopter and Palisades Patrol responded to a report on Nov. 15 of an assault with a deadly weapon in the 1400 block of Palisades Drive, only to find a man butchering a deer that had been struck earlier by a car. The man was not charged.

"The call was generated by a resident who saw a man with a knife and covered in blood," said Scott Wagenseller, chief executive officer of Palisades Patrol. He said the first responding LAPD unit, after seeing the man, radioed "officer needs help," which brought five to seven cars to a condominium at approximately 12 p.m. that Thursday.

A helicopter was also dispatched and hovered low nearby. Police held the man at gunpoint, according to Wagenseller.

Palisades Patrol and LAPD took the man into custody. He told police he was "dressing out a deer" that was killed earlier in the morning along Palisades Drive.

Responding Palisades Patrol Officer Eric Fine identified the man from an earlier incident in which Los Angeles Animal Control responded to a report of an injured deer.

"This happens more often than you know," Wagenseller said about deer struck by vehicles.

Wagenseller said the man offered to take the carcass to a neighbor's garage to skin and drain it. During the process, the man walked out of the garage and a resident saw the knife and blood.

"No crime, but due to the graphic nature of the incident, it created quite a stir," Wagenseller added.

(A correction was made to the original post to correct the date, time and location of the incident. Patch apologizes for the error.)

Scott Wagenseller November 27, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Date clarification- This story happened on November 15th in the afternoon at the 1400 block of Palisades Drive. On Saturday night, LAPD responded to a call of a man discharging a firearm on Calle de Sarah. So many things going on in the Highlands! Sorry for the mix-up.
Betty Ammon November 28, 2012 at 05:34 PM
Regardless of when it happened, why is an injured deer allowed to be carted off by a local resident? What an extraordinary cost to the taxpayer to have a helicopter dispatched, police units etc. If California Wildlife would've been called for the Injured" deer that a.m., the report of a "bloody man brandishing a knife" would never had happen. No helicopter, no police & no frightened neighbors and no taxpayer dollars wasted! I think it is against the law to take road kill unless it is hunting season & there is a tag issued for the deer. Is this another one of those laws that gets ignored?
Scott Wagenseller November 28, 2012 at 07:48 PM
California Wildlife Center (www.cawildlife.org) is an excellent non-profit organization that does great work to help injured wildlife. We support their annual Wild Bunch fundraiser every September in Malibu. I would like to bring attention to this wonderful organization and help them. Palisades Patrol is sending a $50 check today to the California Wildlife Center in memory of this deer. Lets all send $50 to CA Wildlife before Christmas.
Craig McCoy December 02, 2012 at 06:44 PM
Road kill stew being made up in the Palisades? I didn't know Granny and Uncle Jed had moved closer to the beach.


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