LAFD Airlifts Distressed Hiker in Palisades

The hiker suffers an unknown illness while hiking at Temescal Gateway Park.

A hiker was airlifted from the Temescal Gateway Park area Monday afternoon after suffering from an unknown illness, says the Los Angeles Fire Department.

According to LAFD spokesman Matt Spence, was on the scene and, with the assistance of a helicopter crew, transported the adult male hiker to a local hospital.

Spence did not have details on the nature of the hiker's illness. However, he warned that hikers should never head out on a demanding trail unless they are in good enough physical health to handle the terrain.

Spence also offered up the following safety tips:

  • Bring enough water.
  • Make sure you are healthy enough to hike, especially if you're hiking in the deep fire roads.
  • Be mindful of the wildlife you are sharing the area with, including snakes and coyotes.
  • Bring a cellphone when possible.
  • Let someone know you are hiking and what trails you may take.

Spence also mentioned that if you are hiking in a remote area, you may want to park your car in a visible location and leave a note inside. That way, if you get lost someone knows where you were headed.


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