Have A Surveillance Camera? LAPD Wants To Know

The LAPD is keeping tabs on privately owned surveillance cameras to help with investigations.

The Los Angeles Police Department is compiling a list of privately owned surveillance cameras to "consolidate the surveillance resources available to the detectives toward crime prevention," according to an announcement.

If you know of any schools, businesses, homes, apartment or condo complexes or businesses in your neighborhood that have surveillance camera, the LAPD would like to know about it. Send the information below to Lt. Gena Brooks, the project coordinator, at 26019@lapd.lacity.org or 310-444-0701.

1. Owner of camera
2. Does camera capture images in black/white or color?
3. Resolution of camera
4. Does camera capture images in the day/night?
5. General description of what the camera captures (east/west block of street)
6. Street number
7. Street name
8. Zip code

Mike Braddock February 13, 2012 at 08:32 PM
Great idea. Crime prevention works better when we are all involved. As well, there is no cost to tax payers if a citizen or business uses the camera for their own purposes and then later shares the info with the police.


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