Driver in Diabetic Shock Nearly Crashes at Sunset Blvd Intersection

The quick response of Palisades Patrol and the Los Angeles Fire Department saved one man's life during an erratic drive in Pacific Palisades Saturday night.

A potentially dangerous accident was averted Saturday night on Sunset Boulevard thanks to the actions of an off-duty Los Angeles Department firefighter and a sergeant in Palisades Patrol, who helped a man who was reportedly experiencing diabetic shock while driving.

According to Pali Patrol Sgt. Scott Bays, he was driving northbound on Temescal Canyon Road toward Bowdoin Street at approximately 8:30 p.m. Saturday when a red compact car "blew" by him, almost hitting the driver's side of his cruiser.

Bays reported that a man in a pick-up truck then pulled up next to him, said he was an off-duty LAFD member and that he had been following the car from the I-10 after noticing it driving erratically.

As the two tried catching up to the vehicle and Bays radioed for the Los Angeles police, he saw the car go through the light at Sunset Boulevard and Temescal Canyon Road and nearly strike two vehicles sitting in the eastbound lanes on Sunset. Bays said the vehicle ran up on the curb, and then flew back into the roadway heading up into Temescal Park.

Upon pulling the vehicle over and making contact with the driver, Bays noted the man appeared "to be in a daze" and was not coherent. The man, who was not identified, attempted to get out of the vehicle but could barely stand. Bays added he could not detect any alcohol on the man.

"I asked the subject if he was a diabetic, which he replied 'yes,'" Bays reported, noting he determined the man might be in a diabetic shock. He patted the man down and found a needle, as well as insulin in his pants pocket.

LAFD was notified the man was potentially in diabetic shock, and paramedics arrived shortly after, where they determined the man was experiencing a crash and extremely low blood sugar.

LAPD arrived shortly after that as well.

Due to it being a medical emergency, no charges were pressed. LAFD stayed with the man to make sure he could get his blood sugar up to a safe level.

"Hopefully, we saved someone's life tonight," Bays said.


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