Distressed Hiker Rescued by L.A. Firefighters in Temescal Canyon

The hiker was able to follow firefighters down the trails and into a waiting ambulance.

Courtesy of LAFD
Courtesy of LAFD

A hiker was rescued by the Los Angeles Fire Fighters in Temescal Canyon on Monday after an emergency distress call, officials said.

At around 2:05 p.m. an emergency 911 call was made regarding a hiker in distress half way up the trails in Temescal Canyon Gateway Park near the waterfalls, LAFD spokesman Erik Scott said.

The hiker did not need to be hoisted out by helicopter and was able to follow firefighters down the trail and onto a waiting ambulance and taken to a local hospital, he said.

The hiker’s age, sex and the nature of the distress was not disclosed.

Laura Tompkins January 07, 2014 at 12:49 PM
It seems like every few weeks someone needs help getting out of a canyon. If you do not bother to hike prepared, you should be charged for rescue costs. These rescues cost an average of $100,000. That's taxpayer money!!!! If you are going to hike, you should hike prepared with the basic essentials: A map, plenty of water, extra food, a compass (it’s amazing how the lack of clear landmarks can lead a person in circles), a small emergency pack, a small flashlight, a fully charged cellphone. A buddy is not a bad idea either but hiking on your own is nice ... as long as you are prepared and have a planned route. I am sick of these unprepared buffoons I see hiking in flip flops (or even worse no shoes at all!) without even a bottle of water. People should be charged for their stupidity. A genuine emergency is one thing, but these 'hikers' are just stupid people who put themselves in this place of needing a rescue. The firefighters must have great stories. Come on!


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