Brentwood Art Center Operating Smoothly Since Vehicle Damaged 1 Studio

A teacher holding a class during the hour an SUV drove through the studio was reportedly able to move the students to one end of the room.

With a week removed since an SUV plowed through a studio classroom at the Brentwood Art Center, those involved with revival of the school haven't strayed from its unified front operating as a new non-profit.

On Tuesday Friends of the Brentwood Art Center member Don Burris said the accident only forced them to cancel one class, and the damaged studio is now boarded up. Aside from the one room, classes are operating as usual.

"Thank God no one was hurt," Burris said. "We’re waiting to see how long it’ll take to fix that room."

He could not comment on the costs involved for repairs, but added that a teacher was running a class in that art studio that night and, without panicking, was able to get all the students to move the other end of the room during impact.

"The Los Angeles Fire Department and Santa Monica Fire Department were right on top of it," Burris said. 

The art school suddenly closed earlier this year, only to be reclaimed by the community and re-open under non-profit status. Burris credited the efforts of all the teachers involved at the school, highlighting that more than 700 people attended a recent gala to celebrate their re-opening.

For more information on the Brentwood Art Center, view their website.


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