Letter: Pali Community Council Area 3 Representative Seeks Community Contact

Jim Rea, who serves on the task force looking at alternative sites for LADWP Distribution Station 104 in Pacific Palisades, offers ways to inform the public and receive feedback on the contentious issue.

To the Editor:

My name is Jim Rea. I am the Area 3 Representative of the Pacific Palisades Community Council. Area 3 extends from Palisades Drive to Bienveneda, north and south of Sunset Boulevard. Area 3 encompasses the Marquez Knolls area, the Bel-Air Bay Club area as well as other streets and homes in the vicinity. I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Marquez Knolls Property Owners Association and was recently appointed to the Task Force addressing the site alternative for the proposed LADWP Distribution Station 104.

The work of the DS 104 Task Force is contentious, to say the least. There is not going to be any site that pleases everyone. Yet the members of the Task Force have all agreed to go through the process to see if we can agree on the best candidates. Because of the contentiousness of this issue, a colleague of mine recently challenged me to think of a better way to interact with my community of constituents, provide a better way to keep them informed about issues that are of potential concern to them and to provide a better way for them to express their concerns to me.

Fortunately, we live in an electronic world, and those so motivated can accomplish these objectives with a little determination. So I have taken these steps to meet the challenge suggested by my colleague and I hope that those in the community will take advantage of the opportunity to share their concerns with me.

I would like to offer three ways that we can stay in touch. First, you can reach me by simple email at jarea@kw.com. Second, I have set up a mail list where I will distribute email announcements of interest to the community. I don't expect the volume of emails will be more than one or two messages a week at this stage. You can sign up to receive these messages at http://eepurl.com/q3IrX and you are free to unsubscribe at any time.  Finally, I have created a blog where I will post the messages that are sent out on the mail list. You can reach that blog at http://PPCCArea3.blogspot.com.

I look forward to your participation and hope that together we can address the issues of concern to our community in a transparent and productive manner.

Jim Rea
Pacific Palisades 


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