Letter: Find Another Option for This Cell Tower

Pacific Palisades resident Karen Hopkins writes a letter to the editor opposing the 302 Mount Holyoke Avenue cell tower.

To the Editor:

I was walking my dog through our neighborhood last night. It’s a great place to live.

It does not come without sacrifice to live in such a place. It was quiet on the walk, I recalled what it was like when I first contemplated a home here in the village – how unique a place it was; I felt it would be a safe and good place to raise a child, a dog, or myself here.

Since I moved in over fifteen years ago I’ve seen the place change – charming houses next to me get torn down and replaced by 5,700 square foot monsters with zero regard for the aesthetic of the neighborhood let alone anything else. I’ve been the single neighbor for years that appeared at the civic league and fought each build. Finally the rest of the hood is now rallying. SAVE THE INTEGRITY OF OUR VILLAGE. Make conscious choices. My little girl who just turned nine came to the last meeting with me. She asked if she could speak next time. She wondered if it would matter. I always tell her what matters is that we try. We must always fight for our convictions.

When we walk the dog it is often on the bluffs off Mt. Holyoke. There is a clear view of the ocean. It is vast. I have seen many families gather there, friend’s sit and talk and walk this area. It is a special place in the Palisades. Why do we "need" to in a designated park area? Is this about convenience for whom? People in the grocery store when they are on their cell phones? What is the trade off? Or is it just more convenient to not find another location?

We are surrounded by a world that seems to take some kind of pride in trading out logic and common sense for technology's concerns with no real regard for the impact it has on the community. And we are a community. And this community is rallying around a way of life that is a respite from the rest of the world. One we go to work everyday and pay for – a happy sacrifice because look what we get. A place to walk the dog and the kids in the stillness that nature – and only nature – offers. Once it is gone we can’t take it back. Look around. Open the eyes of your eyes. Find another option for this tower. Let's tell the kids we found a better way.

Karen Hopkins
Pacific Palisades


Rod Aragon & Associates 310-863-1652 September 13, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Karen, This is a Fantastic article! - Rod Aragon


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