Letter: A Note About the Sept. 13 Palisades Council Meeting

Pacific Palisades Community Council President Barbara Kohn submits a letter to the editor.

(Note: This message was read at the start of the Sept. 27 community council meeting.)

Before we get to the agenda I want to say a few personal thoughts regarding our last meeting.

First, I believe everyone present at the Sept 13 meeting felt, as well as heard, the intense emotions expressed.

I want to thank all of you, (council members) as well as those here tonight who were in the audience at our last meeting. Thank you for maintaining parliamentary procedure and personal composure.

The understandable intense parental protective nature that was expressed clashed with the Council's usual process. Concern for children, for all children everywhere, I know, is shared by everyone. No one, none of us want to harm children or put children in harm's way.

PPCC process is an example watched by future leaders of our community and perhaps leaders of our government (our youth representative participants) and I want to thank you again and acknowledge the exemplary manner exhibited by you all at our last meeting.

Barbara Kohn
Pacific Palisades Community Council


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