Special Edition: Showtime Transport: Show Over. Curtain Closed. Exit Stage Left, Bucko.

My shakedown of Showtime Transport - an auto transport company whose business practices are shady, fraudulent and unethical.

The Auto-Transport Industry: An Investigative Report on Auto-Transport Brokers, Highlighting Showtime Transport

Finding an ethical auto-transport company is like looking for Mother Theresa in a community of mobsters. The odds are stacked against you. In fact, you've got about as much chance as winning the California State Lottery. It's a slippery, shady and unregulated industry filled with employees behaving like primitive cave-men fighting over scraps of meat on a bone.

Many of these auto-transport companies open shop for a couple of months, steal people's deposits, close shop and open up under a different name.

Below are the norms of customer service from one auto-transport company in particular: Showtime Transport

1) Hanging up the phone on the customer - you'll never get to express
    a complete thought

2) Not returning the customer's phone calls after payment has been made

3) Lots of yelling - these guys have great vocal chords and would give any
    American Idol contestant a run for their money

4) Overpromise and underdeliver - they'd fit in real well with Hollywood

5) Insults - You will learn new ways of verbally delivering your anger

6) A few threats just to keep it spicy - You'll feel like you're in a bad episode
    of Jersey Shore and wish that Tony Soprano was your friend

7) Lies - these guys would pass a lie detector test

8) Bribes - Cash is always King, remember that folks - they strongly
    encourage bribes

Now, I wasn't expecting the five star service that I get from fine establishments in Beverly Hills. No. There would be no champagne delivered to me if these guys made a mistake. There would no polite verbiage, empathy and compassion for my feelings. This industry has its own standards of manners and etiquette: One that required me to pull out my pink boxing gloves from my already packed box and not only defend myself but fight on behalf of the hundreds of customers who got swindled and didn't have the time, energy or strength left to defend themselves against Showtime Transport.

Needing my car shipped from Cali to the Midwest, I discovered and landed on a minefield of scams, in particular, a company named Showtime Transport, causing collateral damage.

There are hundreds of auto-transport companies out there that call themselves: Family owned (they give a new definition to the word, 'family' and it ain't no Beaver Cleaver family) declare they've been in business for at least 'twenty' years (20 seems to be an industry norm) insist they own their own fleet of trucks (they work with independent truckers) and are there to support you on this uncertain and emotional journey. (more like 'instigate' your emotions)

Most of them are brokers. So what does that mean? And why does it matter?

An auto-transport broker is a glorified 'paper pusher', the worthless middleman trying to muster up added value. These are the first employees Wall Street Investment Bankers eliminate in a merger or acquisition, because they are dead weight to an organization. The auto-transport broker has no worth and piggy-backs on those people - the truckers - who are providing the services - real services which are labor intensive. Driving an 18-wheeler is no easy task. Loading cars on both an open and closed carrier is heavy manual labor that takes a toll on the back. These truckers have a challenging job being away from their loved ones for long periods of time. They work hard for their dollar and provide added value to the economy. Unfortunately, they don't have the time to take a customer's calls and are thus forced to rely on these low-life dispatchers skimming their salary.

The auto-transport broker is a slippery connector who has no skills other than picking up a phone and speed talking as he aims to swindle the consumer. He takes a fee for connecting the consumer with the trucker to transport the car. Often, you will be bullied to pay cash, check or cashier's check for this broker fee before the trucker picks up your car.  Don't ever pay cash up front. No checks, cashier's check, debit cards or cash. If there is an issue (and most likely there will be) you probably won't be able to get your money back. Even if you pay by credit card, they might put in the contract that you can't dispute the broker fee. (don't worry - these low-lifers don't have any legs to stand on against the major credit card companies)

These swindling sharks will quote you one rate and then sneakily put a different rate in the contract without telling you and change other various terms, inserting all sorts of hidden fees. Make sure you always read the contract. (although the contract will probably not be upheld anyway)They will guarantee you with a pick-up and delivery date and you'll discover it's an empty promise. And here's why:

These crooks lure in customers with a cheap rate to transport their car and then these 'rates' are thrown out as 'bids' to truckers. Well, if your rate is low, most likely the trucker is going to be holding out for a higher bid. If your car was guaranteed for pick-up within a certain time frame or specific date, I wish you lots of luck. You may never get your car picked up unless you fork out a lot of cash to expedite the process. And I mean a lot.

If after some period of time, a trucker decides not to hold out for more money your car will be transported. (this could go on for a week or weeks, however) If you want to fill your car with boxes, that's all negotiable depending on how much cash you have. Remember, Cash is King.

Another factor to consider is what kind of relationship do these truckers have with your chosen broker? Clearly, if the trucker knows that your broker is a low bidder, most likely they will not return the broker's requests for a pick-up or if they're just tired of dealing with these pilfering dispatchers, in particular: Showtime Transport - the phone will keep ringing.

These greasy thieves don't hold themselves accountable. Who do they blame?
They blame both the customers for "not understanding the 'trucking industry' and the hard-working truck drivers 'who aren't responsible enough to return their phone calls.'"

Being a woman who has always loathed dealing with the middleman as I find it cumbersome and error-prone, I tried my best to find a trucker whom I could deal directly with. I was unsuccessful. Everyone I contacted was a broker - a fast-talking vulture scavenging on the time-restricted, emotionally vulnerable consumer.

I chose Showtime Transport because I was led to believe that they were not a brokering company and perhaps subliminally I liked the fact they had a name from the Showbiz industry, having been in the entertainment business for many years. Well, Showtime Transport gave me a show, all right, and now we're in a Showdown.

I originally left a message for Michael, my representative who had responded to my email inquiry, on his voicemail, inquiring about their services, and he did not call me back. (one of my greatest pet peeves)

When I called him back some time later, (as I really had slim pickings in this industry) before proceeding, I firmly scolded him and emphasized the importance of customer service and how he was going to have to develop better communication skills. He apologized, but he wasn't sorry. A man like Michael who cheats customers out of their money doesn't have a conscience so "sorry" is not in his vocabulary. I'm convinced he doesn't even know how to spell it.

He rambled off the information faster than a New Yorker which ignited a red flag. There would be a $150 fee up front. When I asked what the $150 rate was for because that was the rate all the brokers were quoting me, he insisted it was going to the driver, they had their own fleet of trucks and they were not a broker. His female associate had told me earlier that they only 'brokered' out to some northern states as the roads and mountains are too challenging for their trucks.
This was not the case. Showtime Transport was brokering out my pick-up.

Michael told me they had been in business for twenty years and were family-owned. (their website states they've only been in business since 2008) He insisted that they have trucks four times a week in Los Angeles, California (his female colleague I had spoken to when I couldn't reach Michael, had emphasized only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Michael emphatically confirmed that he had a truck available on Tuesday May 1st and there would be no extra fee for having a specific date.

He urged me to sign the contract or I would lose my spot on the open carrier truck. In fact, as soon as he emailed me the contract, he called me faster than Speedy Gonzalez to make sure I received it. A man like Michael doesn't change his habits that quickly just because a woman scolds him. The neuronal wirings of Michael's brain don't alter that quickly, if ever. No. A man like Michael - a crook - had ulterior motives as to why he sent over the contract because there were all sorts of 'additions' and 'fine line' contractual obligations to be wary of.

When I received the contract, I noticed the $150 rate had changed to $200 and the pick-up date of May 1st said "first available date".  I immediately inquired why had the deposit rate changed in a matter of sixty seconds? He told me the driver had just called and demanded more money because of the increase in gas prices. It didn't make sense at all, but after speaking with numerous companies, I was exhausted.

"So you are sure that the driver is getting the initial $200 and you are not a broker?" I asked.

"Yes, the driver is getting the $200 deposit," he lied.

He also lied and said that my car was definitely going to be picked up on May 1st and that the contract said "First available date" as just a technicality. I understand weather conditions, technical problems or traffic issues (all very reasonable delays) but those weren't the issues preventing my truck driver from picking up my car.

The day before my pick-up - April 30th - I telephoned Michael to confirm. He answered and informed me that the truck driver would call me a few hours before pick-up in the morning.

The next morning - May 1st - I did not receive a phone call. I called Michael. If someone was going to get an Oscar for his winning performance, it would undoubtedly be Michael. Hands down.

Michael, maybe you should come out to Hollywood?

He proceeded to throw the assigned 'trucker' under the bus (Hey truckers, are you reading this?!!) and said he was going to call him immediately. Michael didn't do that. I never received a call-back from Michael. An hour later I called him.

"Michael? What's going on? Why didn't you call me back? Did you hear from the driver?"

"He still didn't call you back?" He incredulously lied again. "I'm going to call him again - he's not returning my calls."

Well, if I were that trucker, I wouldn't return your calls either, Michael. In fact, if I didn't need my car transported, I would never have crossed paths with your seedy and unethical business practices.

I waited again and the more I waited, the angrier I got. Michael had his $200, some of which I'm convinced he was pocketing for a commission. He essentially took money out of a truck driver's pocket because if my car was going to be delivered, the rate had not changed. Truckers, are you reading this?

This is a low-risk industry in terms of the ramifications for bad customer service. Think about it. What is the likelihood that I'll be a 'repeat' customer? The chances I'll be shipping my car again is very unlikely, if at all. They don't need goodwill nor do they understand it.

Michael was never going to call me back.

I called Michael again, and I got his voicemail.

Annoyed, I called the main number and through the automated service connected to "customer service".  A man answered and listened to my highly emotional story and said, "Hold on" and faster than a lightning bolt, a man answered and guess who it was? It was Michael.

"Michael?" I asked.

"Yes?" He hesitated, sensing a familiarity with my agitated voice.

"Michael, it's nice to know that you're too busy to pick up my call when you see my number, but not too busy to answer a 'transferred call.'

The showdown begins. I heatedly informed him that I was a writer and their unacceptable business practices were not only going to be highlighted in an article but taken to local media for an investigation.

Michael laughed at my angst and tauntingly said, "You know what we call this in the trucking industry? An anxiety attack," he snickered sarcastically.

Well, Michael it wouldn't surprise me if you hoodlums sold illegal boxes of Ativan in a back alley to all the customers your company made anxious.

He hastily informed me that if I was unhappy with their business practices to cancel and hung up on me. Well, I took your advice, Michael.

I called customer service again.

A man answered, named Louis, who apparently was the manager.

After a heated discussion with Louis this is what he confirmed.
1) There had been no trucker assigned to pick up my car
2) $200 does not go to the driver - it goes to the company
3) He was going to throw more of the company's money to the central
    dispatch to see what 'trucker would bite' on the bid.
4) He was going to speak to Michael

The conversation continued to get more heated as I told him that I was cancelling my order and emphasized how Michael had completely lied to me.

Louis screamed that I was "dumb" for believing his employee, Michael, and not reading the contract. Yes, this guy called me 'dumb.'

Really, Louis? I'll be happy to inform you that I was always a straight A student and will challenge you to a mathematical equation or spelling bee any day, bucko!

I also informed Louis that I would be writing an article on their corrupt practices.
He then proved that he also had incredible vocal chords and he wasn't scared because "people write bad things about their company all of the time."

Louis also hung up on me.

I knew I could outsmart these clowns so I called again and chose to speak to someone in Reservations hoping I could connect with the owner. This representative was nice at first, claimed he was a 'supervisor' but when I told him what happened and that I was cancelling the order he began to yell at me about a binding contract.

I asked for the owner's name. He wouldn't give it to me because he said he would lose his job. He yelled at me some more, told me to 'be quiet', and then told me that I liked to listen to my own voice.

I told him that telling a customer to 'be quiet' is not appropriate. He yelled some more and hung up on me.

I immediately emailed them a written confirmation that I was cancelling my order and miraculously I had a couple of truckers text me a couple of hours later stating they had a spot on their truck. But, deal over, Showtime.

So what next?
My investigation of Showtime Transport.
Leaving no stone unturned

After the fact, (yes this level of due diligence should always be done before you work with someone) I scoured their website looking for discrepancies. And, boy, did I find them. Listed on their website under a list of Sponsors were:

eBay Motors
BBB (The Better Business Bureau)

Showtime Transport was given an F rating by BBB

With a fine-toothed comb, I contacted each and every organization letting them know I was doing an investigation of this company based on their shady and unethical business practices. This is what I discovered both verbally and in some cases written confirmation.

1) AAA covering the Florida region where they are based did not have a
    relationship with Showtime Transport. They also did not have them nationally
    listed as an AAA partner for customers to receive any AAA discount. They were
    not aware of Showtime Transport and sent the issue to their national office for
    further clarification. (verbal confirmation)

False representation, Showtime Transport.

2) Autotrader.com - they sent me written confirmation that they are not a
    sponsor of Showtime Transport.

What are you thinking, Showtime Transport?

3) Cars.com - they didn't even know who Showtime Transport was and did not know why their name was listed as a sponsor. They immediately contacted their legal department to contact Showtime Transport (written confirmation)

Misleading the customer, Showtime Transport.

4) A representative from eBay Motors was not aware of Showtime Transport
    and sent out an internal alert. (verbal confirmation)
    I tried to reach their media contact for further clarification. No response.

5) The Better Business Bureau has given Showtime Transport an F-rating.
    They've had 35 registered customer complaints. (on their website)

Advertising/Sales Issues Complaints   5
Delivery Issues                                  8
Guarantee/Warranty Issues               1
Problems with Product/Service           21

The Better Business Bureau says:

"This company is not an accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau. This company has failed to discontinue the use of our Federally Registered Trademark when demands have been made to do so. Misrepresentation of BBB accreditation constitutes false and deceptive advertising and trademark infringement."

After much hesitation, I called the 'personal endorsements.'

Carlos Del Monte had a link underneath his name which directs you to K&R Engineering Performance. I contacted this company. They responded that Carlos Del Monte is not a direct customer of theirs and they have no clue as to why their link is on Showtime Transport's website. (written confirmation after speaking with them)

Showtime Transport has a lot of chutzpah.

I did not hear back from the other personal endorsement.

Two days after I had contacted these companies, Showtime Transport, who had insisted they weren't frightened about my pending article removed ALL of the companies who were listed as SPONSORS.

A victory. But my investigation isn't over Showtime Transport. No, the show is just beginning. I have "print screen" shots of your original website just in case you "grease balls" try to change your story. I'm on to you and you're going to be shut down, bucko.

Showtime Transport still falsely states on their main page that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau and boldly prints lies such as: "We value ourselves on being customer oriented. We are often asked, “What makes you so different from other companies?” The answer is simple: We care! We answer our phones, we return messages and we respond to emails."

Really, Showtime Transport?

Well, here are just a few of the many links of customers who were ripped off by Showtime Transport. The most heart wrenching story is a man who served our country - fighting for our democracy, risking his life - after serving one year in the Middle East, he returns to the United States of America and gets screwed by a fellow American - Showtime Transport.

Really, Showtime Transport?

"I just got back from an overseas deployment two weeks ago. After one year serving in the Middle East, I finally arrive home to the States and have to deal with issues such as this one with Showtime Auto Transport Inc." See link below.


Better Business Bureau link


Other Rip Off Reports


I've contacted the local news stations to do an investigative report on Showtime Transport and will be doing my own video interview to be aired in the next few days. This company should no longer be in business.

What about my car?

I'm completely traumatized by the egregious breaches of business standards by these filthy hoodlums and have a fear of dealing with any other auto transport company. It is a dark, seedy world which I don't care to be part of. So for now, my car remains in California while I take care of my personal matters in the Midwest, indeed, without my car.

But to Showtime Transport - here are my closing remarks.

Show over. Curtain closed. Exit stage left, bucko.

Personal Note from the Writer to the Readers:
I prefer to write health-related articles, but this was a topic that was important to bring to the attention of the public. However, my blood pressure did rise and my chest muscles were constricted so technically speaking it can still constitute as a health-related article. Dealing with Showtime Transport was a health hazard.

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Don Hale May 10, 2012 at 08:19 PM
This account mirrors the experience I just had with Showtime Transport. Unfortunately, I did not do my homework before signing on with these con artists. The company is a disgrace and should be shut down for fraud. Don Hale
LG Taylor May 10, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Thank you for taking the time to respond, Don. I have recently reached out to major media outlets in Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and a few in NYC to further expose their unsavory business practices. I will be following up with the FMSCA on this matter to monitor how my complaint and other consumer complaints are being addressed in regards to this company.
Dan Metully of Transport Watch May 29, 2012 at 04:55 PM
Dear Ms Taylor, I'm sorry for the experience you had with this company, and I hope you'll use our site to highlight their behavior as well. www.transportwatch.com However, it should be noted that not all Freight Brokers are bad. I operate a Freight Brokerage, and have done so since 2004. I hold those people that work for my company to very high standards for honesty and customer service. Though you may not understand it, there is a place in the industry for brokers, and to say that we are all of a certain ilk is ill informed and wrong. We, as a brokerage company, are attempting to bring more accountability to the entire Transportation Industry. Companies that act in the fashion that you described cause great harm to those of us that act as we should. You are obviously an educated person, and as such, must understand that what I say is true. A generalization is just that. I would hope that in your quest to lay bare the actions of one company, you remain mindful of those companies that strive to be the best of what an industry has to offer. The majority of us are nothing like Showtime Transport.
AutoStar May 29, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Hi Ms Taylor. I have to agree with Dan from Transport Watch. I work with AutoStar Transport and we're very proud of the level of service we provide. We and a hand full of other companies are genuinely trying to offer a good service and we keep our customers blood pressure in good check. It's great shame that there are so many dishonest brokers, we’re drowning in them! For the most part however, it's a valuable and necessary service. Thankfully more websites like transportwatch.com and transportreviews.com etc are helping clean this badly regulated industry up. I hope your experience won’t deter you from trying again with a quality transport broker.
LG Taylor May 30, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Thank you both so much for taking the time to read my article and provide feedback. I greatly appreciate that! Unfortunately, it seems to be that these ‘bad apples’ in the auto-transport broker sector are not only overshadowing the minority of auto-transport brokers who are honorable in the industry, but also doing a great disservice to independent truckers - as they, too, are getting scammed and they don’t have time to do anything about it as this is their bread and butter, and lastly consumers who have no protection whatsoever from this type of scam. This problem, however, has been going on for years – through my research – and has catapulted to a whole new degree with the integration of the internet. While transport reviews are helpful – they really are band-aids because they’re not eradicating the auto-transport brokers who are conducting themselves unethically and furthermore, bad reviews are often masked with numerous good reviews strategically placed on top of the bad ones.
LG Taylor May 30, 2012 at 01:22 AM
(continued) I’ve spoken to someone at www.protectyourmove.org and she stated that the auto-transport broker scams are out of control. And, I’m convinced that everyone in the trucking industry – both brokers and truckers are fully aware that the FMCSA is not properly staffed to handle the outrageous number of caseloads coming in. The ‘bad apple’ auto-transport brokers are most definitely taking advantage of this. In 2011, 2,851 household moving scams were reported to the FMCSA. That number as far as I’m aware does not include auto-transport broker scams. It’s a free for all and the barrier to entry for auto-transport brokers needs to be raised. There is no accountability for these brokers to follow through on their service due to their requirement of a pre-paid broker fee. My next plan of action is a proposal to the Senators that would attempt to eradicate this problem. I realize that this is not my area of expertise, but my knowledge in developing business models and restructuring businesses will provide a good platform to try and come up with a solution that will give back dignity and grace to your profession, protect the independent truckers so they can be assured that they are working with good and sound business practices and finally protect the consumers so they will no longer be victims of unscrupulous business practices.
LG Taylor June 27, 2012 at 07:13 PM
If you have been a consumer or trucker scammed by Showtime Transport: To file a report with the police department: 305-476-5423 If you prefer to file an "anonymous" tip about them, here is another number. 305-471-8477
Paul August 29, 2012 at 01:59 AM
I have been reading a lot of bad reviews AFTER I contacted them. For now ( as Aug 28 ) they said the truck driver will contact me this evening or tomorrow morning; but I am almost 100% sure he will not because this "company" did not even get a truck driver for me... If the truck is not here tomorrow I have a plan B with a towing company I contacted... Anyways, I paid $200 deposit, and I will contact my bank to open a dispute, I will fill a police report against them, I will contact BBB as well, and I will call the Miami Police Department as well. I will do my best so people do not make the same mistake as me. They are liars, they scam and are very rude to customers ( they hanged up on me for asking when the truck is arriving... lol ). I will keep you posted. Peace!
Mark W. January 08, 2013 at 11:39 PM
Please contact me about this, EXCELLENT article, I am currently pursuing legal action towards this company and would like to forward your article. give me contact info so we may communicate off this record. Thanks.
Mark W. January 11, 2013 at 10:50 PM
PLEASE HELP, put this company out of business, Contact FMCSA there is currently 13 complaints since June '12, and growing. FMCSA #s, 888-368-7238 and 850-942-9338, They will take a complaint over the phone but prefer an online form be filled out. The form is at, nccdb.fmcsa.dot.gov. DO NOT put www in front of this!just type it in your address bar. Then go to public, and then click household goods. fill out the form. call them with questions they are eager to help. Pass this info around don't let ANYONE get screwed by this company. Another contact is federal trade commission @ 877-382-4357 and also Showtimes bond agent @ 800-595-2615 they will need ALL paperwork associated with the business you did with Showtime, they can get your money back such as your deposit, Patti takes care of showtimes acct, shes @ ext, 636.
LG Taylor January 13, 2013 at 04:41 PM
In Response to user Old School - Thank you for reading my article and taking the time to respond. Having spent months building a case file against Showtime Transport and going through so many governmental layers - I have been told that the dollar value of the crime has to exceed a certain amount for the government to take action - because going after 'crime' - costs money. These are what are called: Interstate crimes - complicated and costly to go after. Scam artists like "Showtime Transport" understand that.
LG Taylor January 13, 2013 at 04:41 PM
Continued Response to user Old School: While all my efforts were "appreciated" - I was told that I am going to have to accept that "There are bad people in this world." In terms of the FMCSA - after speaking with their investigative unit - not only did they tell me that they have no jurisdiction to stop these crimes - but again - no budget. They actually suggested that I get my own lawyer (as did many other government agencies) and contact the processing agent for Showtime. The processing agent's role is to "defend cases brought against product manufacturers, transportation companies, and premises owners". You're suggesting for victims of these scams to go out to the Showtime Bond agent - these bond agents are making money off of their clients. These crimes have been going on for years - when I reported it to the FMCSA they initially acted as though they had never heard about it - hoping I would go away. Unless there is a big pot of money for the government - they won't be going after these cases.
yasmin March 04, 2013 at 06:54 PM
wow. I just did business with these people and it's a scam. now after reading up on them, their business is rely solely on people forgetting to read up on company before doing business. They were taking money from my card without my permission. When I called, they admittedly said it was a mistake and they will refund that portion, whoever if I cancel the service with them after screwing me then I will loose my deposit. HORRIBLE company!!!!
yasmin March 05, 2013 at 03:04 PM
What scums! I just received an email from another review site. They are asking to take my review down claiming i'm not a customer and is not even in their system. This is less than 20 mins after I spoke with them. Please add compulsive lying to this company as well. I FAXed and emailed over the contract and my bank transaction to the review to prove i was a customer.
kevin March 05, 2013 at 05:58 PM
To everyone I would be a hippocrit if I said I didn't fall for this scam. I just recently PCS'd (military move) from washington to florida. I had a deal locked in with this company who gladly took my 200 dollar deposit to solidify the quote. At the time, the contract said it was refundable, but when they company would not pick up my car even after asking for more money like described above, they said I would have to talk to accounting on Friday. Have you know, there is no accounting, in fact when you call and press 4 you get transferred over to the same people that you deal with day in and day out, it's a loop. Adrian is a piece of work, you can check him out on FB by the way. Also, the owner of the operation is Gabriel. Now as a message to these guys, they are lucky that they gave me my refund even after 3 months. See the thing is I was already putting together a civil case against them and had substantial evidence to squash them, but instead I called their bonding agent. Patti is her name. If you call the FMCSA and give them the broker number that is listed and talk to patti, she will help out as she can. A day after I called her, Adrian called me ... For the first time ever and I haven't talked to him since I cancelled the contract... And asked for an address to send the check to. A week and a half later I recieved a 200 dollar check. You need to be persistent with these people. These people are not a real company at all and their profits come from scams
kevin March 05, 2013 at 06:07 PM
continued. not to ramble on but... The best companies to do business with are ones that have an A BBB rating and carry their own trucks and are not brokers. If you look on autotransport reviews website, you will notice bogus names with 5 star reviews. This company... false company.. has to put something in their to try to maintain that 3 star that they have. This group is constantly evolving their methods of taking money. Unfortunately, for every 10 people maybe 1 gets a refund because people just dont want to deal with the time it takes to deal with just 200 dollars back.. Here is the thing, if I take 200 from you then from 9 other people I just made 2 grand, so coughing back up 200 once in a while wont bother me none. Old school posted FMCSA info on transportreviews.com and will get you directly to the bond agent. It worked for me, hopefully it will work for you too.
Humberto March 12, 2013 at 05:05 PM
I may be one of the few, however i spoke with bert and he moved my vehicle from NY to CA for 900$ flat. He told me that anything less and no driver would want it. He was completely honest through the whole process. I understand sometimes there are delays, however my car was picked up and moved on time. It seems like they have had a lot of customers, and this is just an industry where a lot of things can go wrong. Luckily things went really well with my transport.
Joseph A. Merritt March 21, 2013 at 04:36 PM
My company booked a load for moving 6 vehicles for $2,100 13 days ago. Adrian and Bradley are who I dealt with at Showtime. They lie and lie and lie. They have not answered their phones since I signed their contract. THEY ALSO TOOK PAYMENT OF THE FULL $2,100, Showtime was suppose to just take a $300 broker fee upfront. Showtime has had nobody answer their phones for over 3 days now. I only get recordings, so I keep leaving VM's. I suspect Showtime has shut themselves down, and are setting up shop somewhere else now. All I want is $2,065 dollars back Per the contract if they don't have the load p/u'd withing 6 business days of the 1st scheduled appointment I can cancel and get a refund of our $300 deposit. Oh, that's right, Showtime stole the other $1,800 from our card. A definition of stealing is taking something that is not yours without the owners permission. I only want $2,065 back because I signed a contract and read it thoroughly before I signed it. It states if Showtime doesn't fill the load within 6 business days as long as I e mail or fax my cancelation request we get every penny back but the $35, and by the way Showtime those 6 vehicles are still waiting p/u. I didn't want to give you guys an out so I never scheduled the p/u with anyone else. See Showtime, I honor my word. You Bradley and you Adrian are skum. I hope someday you get what you spineless 2 rats get. What goes around comes around and I would love to see you get what you deserve.
Mark W. March 22, 2013 at 10:37 PM
Joe, contact, Pacific Financial Assoc. Inc. @ 800-595-2615 Talk to Patti @ ext.636, She is the agent in charge of Showtimes acct. This company is showtimes bond agent, they will get your money beck. Patti is very nice to talk and work with, she helped me. Also report this to FMCSA. you will need to get ALL your paper work together and send it to Patti. she'll explain everything. Pass this info on. :)
kevin March 28, 2013 at 08:17 PM
TO OLD SCHOOL After I used Patti, she said that the Showtime was losing their Broker License. It seems to me that they are no longer licensed. Their website shows their number, but www.autotransportreviews.com says its revoked and that changed recently, and I called the FMCSA and they said that it was revoked recently. The reason I say this is that once their broker number is revoked, they just become a fraudulant group and each time they do this to people, they are committing a Federal Offense. I would recommend filing a complaint with the Miami Dade police department and even the FBI if possible. Keep reciepts and bank statements of what you paid. Print out all the Yelp reports as well as all the negative reviews. The thing is that there is such a high amount of the same general complaints that the evidence is stacked against them and it could prompt an investigation. Now I dont mean to sound like I am attacking "Humberto", but I have seen these comments in between the insurmountable bad ones. This group goes to many websites that speak down on them and then they post how awesome the service was. I got my refund but it was a pain in the ass. Also, Adrian has deals in another broker called Upscale Auto, be careful. No legit company will ask for a deposit, they will either transport or not. I will never use the website U ship ever again. If you need a transport do research and check BBB as well as the fine print.


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