Bulk Mail Service Discontinued in Pacific Palisades

Until further notice, bulk mail must be taken to Santa Monica.

If you have a large package to ship out, you better head to Santa Monica's post office.

Residents of the Marquez Knolls Property Owners Association (MKPOA) found out late last month that the Pacific Palisades Post Office, located at 15209 Sunset Blvd., discontinued bulk mail shipments until further notice. Bulk mail must be taken to the Santa Monica Post Office located at 1248 5th St., which has also been the subject of

However, payment for bulk mail still has to be taken to the Palisades post office before being taken to Santa Monica. 

MKPOA President Christy Dennis brought the association's latest newsletter for distribution at the end of August, and found out the service was discontinued.

The Palisades postmaster could not be reached by phone on a Monday, but an unnamed representative from the post office confirmed the discontinuation. An explanation for the temporary loss of service was not provided.

For questions, concerns or to find out when service is restored in the Palisades, call the Postal Service consumer affairs division at 323-586-1250.


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