Bulk Business Mail Accepted Again at Pali Post Office

A spokesman for the United States Postal Service said the recently discontinued acceptance of bulk business mail was caused by a staffing problem.

A "qualified staffing situation" caused the temporary discontinuation of bulk business mail at the Pacific Palisades post office, according to a spokesman for the United States Postal Service of Los Angeles County.

Spokesman Richard Maher said last week that the bulk business mailing acceptance unit is open again, noting the staffing situation. Mayher said the post office is scheduling additional employees for training in bulk business Mail acceptance to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

To clarify, bulk business mail is used by businesses and organizations that send large volumes of presorted mail, unlike shipping large packages. 

Maher noted these businesses and organizations must have a paid permit to use bulk mail and the Palisades post office has a very low volume of bulk mail entered at their location, usually only several mailings per week. Nonetheless, Maher said they are sorry for any inconvenience that this temporary closure may have caused any permit customers who mailed during that period.


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