Brown Widow Spider Population Rising in SoCal

The less-deadly variant of the widow family is reportedly pushing its deadlier black widow cousin out of the region.


While a non-native species of spider is seeing a rise in Southern California, experts say the influx of the venomous arachnids may not be as bad as it sounds.

Experts have found 20 times more brown widow spiders in the Los Angeles basin in a recent survey, according to an article by the investigative journalism organization California Watch, which states:

The brown widows really burst onto the scene in a very short time, and we found brown widows in many habitats where we expected to find black widows," said Richard Vetter, an entomologist at UC Riverside and author of the study. "There may be some competition where brown widows are displacing black widows because there is some habitat overlap.

Brown widows typically like to reside in areas that humans frequently come into contact with, such as trash can lids, the lips of potted plants, wood piles and underneath flat areas of outdoor furniture.

Tess Underwood November 12, 2012 at 10:33 PM
I have a least two brown widow spiders in my small Venice garden. One is inside a plastic crate and the other a plastic foldable container. Both have very strong webs throughout the containers and thick web nests in corners where they hide.


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