Spectrum Athletic Club Gets Facelift

The Pacific Palisades space receives new carpeting, paint and several amenities to its locker room area.

Spectrum Athletic Clubs, a South Bay-based fitness company, recently sold their 11 Texas locations in order to focus their efforts & resources on improving their Southern California clubs. By focusing on each individual club and their specific needs, Spectrum is approaching renovations in total of nearly $2.5 million for all 11 clubs.

Clubs such as their Pacific Palisades location last month received new carpeting and paint throughout, $1 million locker room makeover including steam room, showers & sauna, new equipment including 45 new bikes for the cycle studio, a new functional training studio and Wi-Fi available for all members.

"We hope that the new renovations will not only attract new members but keep current members energized and enthusiastic about their fitness goals," said Vice President of Marketing Leslie Weisbrook in a press release.

Near completion of a multi-million dollar renovation and improvement campaign, Spectrum Athletic Clubs boast spacious, modern facilities, highly trained staffs, the latest in fitness equipment, high-end amenities and a full range of fitness programming. With 12 premium locations in Southern California, Spectrum prides itself in providing a fitness experience designed to help its members achieve their individual goals. For more information, visit their website.

sman17 November 13, 2012 at 08:37 PM
The club did make several changes in the men's locker room, although most were not acknowledged as such by members. I hear a lot of complaints every day. There were beautiful wooden lockers that closed tight which were replaced with some type of plastic and formica combo that is open at the top ergo if you are using a top locker and something slides out, there is a good chance it will fall into the locker below creating a situation which requires an attendant to correct. All the tile on the walls was removed in favor of the same plastic material. The sauna update consists of adding wooden slats to cover the old tile. The new shower heads are nice but the architect chose to make the bottom rail of the stalls wider than before which creates a slippery suface entering and exiting and is problematic especially for any of the infirm and older folks who are regulars. The faucets in the sinks are motion controlled which makes it near impossible to keep the water running, and since there are no plugs in the sinks, shaving and rinsing said sinks is something of a challenge. All in all, money was spent, but it sure doesn't appear to be a million dollars, and much of what was done seems more like downgrades than improvements.


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