Music Students Stepping Into the Spotlight

Eleos Music Studios will hold its annual concert in the Palisades on Saturday.

About 80 students from three Eleos Music Studios campuses will gather Saturday for the school's annual concert at Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades.

Rebecca Tseitlin co-founded the school five years ago with her husband, Alexander Tseitlin. The concert is meant to give the students a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to perform with more of their peers, Rebecca Tseitlin said.

"We form an orchestra so the kids can play together," Tseitlin said.

Performance is a large part of the curriculum at Eleos, Tseitlin said, and recitals are held several times a year.

"A major part of music is performance practice," she explained. "It really helps [the students'] confidence."

The school has campuses in Pacific Palisades, Thousand Oaks and Valencia.

The annual gala is the only event that unites the students from all three campuses.

Student Mia Ruhman, 9, is studying the piano and plans to sing in the chorus. All Eleos students receive vocal training.

Ruhman has been playing piano for a year. "It's not that hard," Ruhman said about learning her instrument. "You have to get to know the keyboard."

She said she's only a little nervous about performing.

The concert begins at 3 p.m. at Calvary Church, 701 Palisades Drive, Los Angeles.


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