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Palisades Patrol Swears In Townsend Bell as New Town Sheriff

The race car driver is passionate about resolving issues in the community, particularly collaborating with Palisades Patrol to seek solutions to provide assistance to transients.

Palisades Patrol swore in its seventh town sheriff Tuesday night, race car driver Townsend Bell, to help address quality of life issues in Pacific Palisades

Bell was one hand with his wife, actress Heather Campbell, at Patrick's Roadhouse in Santa Monica Canyon to be sworn in by architect Richard Wilken, sheriff from 2003 to 2005.

Palisades Patrol CEO Scott Wagenseller said Bell expressed interest to help address transient issues in the community and has assisted in the past to help provide solutions.

"We attended meetings and visited non-profit organizations that provide assistance to transients," Wagenseller said. "Although I have yet to speak with him about a vision or plan, I know this was an issue he was passionate about."

The sheriff position was created and is sponsored by Palisades Patrol to provide the community with a public safety committee to address issues that impact the quality of life in Pacific Palisades. Wagenseller said the Sheriff and his appointed "Sheriff Posse," consisting of five to seven members, may choose to address any issue they deem important to resolve for the benefit of the community.

Palisades Patrol, through its servant leadership philosophy, supports the sheriff by directing its patrol officers to assist in mediating or resolving to the best of our abilities, the issues that the Sheriff deems important. 

Wagenseller noted Bell and his posse may do ride-alongs and may participate with certain patrol operations.

Bell finished ninth in the 2012 Indianapolis 500. For Bell's bio, visit his website.

Previous Town Sheriffs have included:

  • Richard Wilken- Architect, community leader 
  • Don Haselkorn- Businessman, community leader
  • Saad Mazboudi- Denton Jewelers, chamber leader
  • Michael Lanning- Attorney, Boy Scout leader
  • Roger McGrath- Author, Professor, Historian
  • Townsend Bell- Entrepreneur, Race Car Driver, Commentator

Wagenseller said previous projects Palisades Patrol has worked on through the sheriff and his posse have included:

  • Village Bike Patrol
  • Law Enforcement Day
  • Homeless Task Force

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