Kringlela Joins Other Bakers at the Sunday Farmers Market

The maker of the Danish inspired treat is the latest supplier of sweets to set up a stall amid the vendors offering produce, juices, soups and fish.

The bakers at the Sunday market are whipping up wonderful confections. Stop by one of the many stalls and you'll be offered a sample to taste. 

Denise Assad of Bountiful Bakery continues to delight local foodies with her inventive selection of savory treats such as her spinach and feta spanakopita and her freshly baked macaroons, banana cakes, lemon bars, apple pies and strawberry cream pies. Her balancing of natural flavors and sweetness has won her many fans.

The same can be said of Edythe Preet's Heritage Kitchen with her gluten-free desserts, homemade jams and good selection of artisan cheeses.

And, of course, there are the breads and croissants at Les Delices Du Four and Baker’s Best Bread. Ann’s Bake Works has brownies, toffees, fudge and nut brittle. Sconeage Bakery features breakfast baked goods.

Added to the growing collection of bakers who call the Sunday market their home, last week saw the introduction of the Danish inspired Kringlela

The new kid on the block, Kringlela started selling at farmers markets this summer. 

Technically speaking a kringle should be pretzel shaped. As Matthew Borlan, a dad helping out son Nick who started the company, explained, "In Denmark, kringles are pretzel shaped, which means there's a lot of dough."

Matthew goes on to describe the family tradition of creating a less doughy version by simplifying the kringle's shape into an oval in order to create a better balance of dough and filling.

Market assistant Stephen Naczinski happily adds that Kringlela's kringles aren't heavy because it uses puff pastry sheets so there are "18 layers of flaky butter dough." 

Right now the fillings are pecan, raspberry, apple and cream cheese. The latter, according to Naczinski, is the most popular.

By the time I saw the stand at 10 a.m., the cream cheese kringles were already gone. 

I tasted the others. The pecan-filled kringle had lots of pecans. The raspberry and apple had a good jammy flavor. The sugar frosting added a sweet jolt, perfect for an energy boost.

I made a mental note to come earlier next Sunday to make sure I could taste a cream cheese kringle.

I'll also make sure to stop at to pick up a cup of coffee. A kringle and a coffee would be a very nice way to start the morning.


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