Free Frozen Yogurt Draws Big Crowds

The "soft" opening of The Yogurt Shoppe had locals lined up halfway down the block.

Families, children, teens— the assortment of people gathered for the “soft” opening of at 873 Swarthmore on Saturday was just as diverse as the flavors offered.

The crowd of yogurt lovers stretched halfway around the block to Antioch Street. Around 400 to 500 people had come for the free yogurt giveaway, which started at 1 p.m. and went beyond its 3 p.m. cut-off, said Corki Casanova, who was busy working the counter.

“We have probably gone through 200 gallons of yogurt,” she said. “It’s been a crazy day . . . non-stop since we opened.”

The yogurt, priced at 39 cents an ounce, would put the tally to almost $10,000 for the estimated 200 gallons of yogurt consumed.  A big favorite amongst the patrons was the Red Velvet, said Casanova.

Along with the free yogurt, a deejay provided music, which ranged from Eighties classics to oldies. The musical accompaniment added to the retro ambiance of the establishment.

, Palisadian, co-owner of the shop and self-confessed chocolate lover, said he hopes to keep up the momentum.

“It been great,” Sabin said. “We have been jam-packed all day.”

The yogurt ranged in choice from strawberry to cable car chocolate with plenty of non-fat options available.

Despite the large crowd, the line moved quickly and people were seen all over the Village enjoying their colorful yogurt treats crowned with toppings such as mochi balls, fresh fruit and gummy bears.

The official grand opening of the Yogurt Shoppe was on Sunday, when the store was open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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