Abandoned Pup Jasper Desperately Seeking Loving Home

Jasper was abandoned at Oberrieder Dog Park in Playa Vista on Monday with nothing but a bowl of water. Please help find him a new home and avoid going to a shelter.

I take my dog, Bronte, to the Oberrieder Dog Park in Playa Vista every day. Most of the people there are wonderful dog owners and we’re like one, big, happy family.

However, this week, somebody dumped this adorable pup in the park with only a bowl of water and never returned to pick him up. He had no ID, no microchip and no tags. Luckily, one of the kind dog owners took him home, named him Jasper, and has been trying to find a new home for him.

Jasper has been taken to the vet, and he’s believed to about a year old and weighs 15 pounds. He’s not yet neutered but he’s fit, healthy and incredibly sweet and friendly. He’s a total lap dog, loves men, women, children and all dogs. He’s a perfect little guy who will make a great pet for somebody.

If you’re interested in meeting Jasper, please call 310-245-0203. Click on the flyer to the right of this article for more photos and information about Jasper.


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