Neighbors Unite to Fight PaliHi Sound and Light Disturbances

Empty PaliHi Baseball Fields on 10/29/13 at 8:40 pm, with 50 high-intensity lights aglow.
Empty PaliHi Baseball Fields on 10/29/13 at 8:40 pm, with 50 high-intensity lights aglow.

The newly formed No Noise in Our Neighborhoods Coalition is currently considering approaches to curtailing the ever-expanding negative environmental, social and financial impacts related to the expanded use of Palisades Charter High School facilities, particularly it's rental to outside entities, enlarged marching band and new aquatics center.


Despite a recent meeting between PaliHi administrators, a mediator, residents and a representative from CD11, organizers say that PaliHi administrators have not implemented meaningful, measurable improvements in their sound and light management system. Their commitment to making changes is being questioned.


The No Noise in Our Neighborhoods Coalition intends to explore all legal means in it’s attempt to restore tranquility to Pacific Palisades neighborhoods. Their primary and long-term goal is to reach formal agreements with PahiHi that will commit PaliHi to managing their facilities in a manner that will restore and maintain the historic tranquility that has exemplified life in Palisades neighborhoods. 


The group’s immediate goal is to stop the loud drumming, which regularly takes place from 2:30 to 5:30 each weekday afternoon, and sometimes on Saturdays. It’s booming, penetrating sound echoes loudly throughout the community’s many neighborhoods, canyons, mountains and The Commercial Village.

terri-rae elmer` March 28, 2014 at 08:03 PM
maybe YOU should move, since the high school probably will NOT.
Sonali Bargotra April 02, 2014 at 07:13 PM
We have, your inability to notice and acknowledge that is not our fault. We would love to be in the gym (and we do whenever we get the time because drumlins perform in gyms), but its mostly reserved for sports teams, we would love to be on the field, but thats also reserved for sports teams, and if we try in the middle of the campus teachers get upset for disrupting their after school classes. We have done everything we can, you're just unhappy with it because its not enough for YOU.
The Pacpalcalusa Observer April 02, 2014 at 07:36 PM
Get the message Sonali...your(pl) noise in not welcome anywhere (except maybe during mock battles on the football filed) and drumming has a low priory in the big scheme of why you are in high school Hit the books, not the drums, and get on with your life.
Hilary Rose April 03, 2014 at 12:26 AM
Pacpalcalusa Observer: Your increasingly nasty, sarcastic, mocking and racist comments directed at Sonali are disgusting and unconscionable. You are writing to a child, someone's daughter and you need to keep that in mind. Shame on you. Does no one monitor these comments? All of those directed at Sonali should be removed immediately.
Kathy Pulfer Wishard April 03, 2014 at 04:05 PM
I was born and raised in Pacific Palisades. My family has lived there for over 65 years. I am saddened by what the Palisades has become. It is not the same place I grew up in. The town used to be comprised mostly of families with working parents who were not considered wealthy, although it has always been an upper middle class area. People tended to live there for the location, strong sense of community, great schools and because there was just no better place to raise a family. Over the years, the make up of the community has changed drastically. For the most part, the "new" residents of the Palisades are much more concerned with property values and status. This issue with the noise created by the high school is a perfect example of the change in attitude and priorities of these "new" residents. I would be willing to bet that those complaining are not longtime residents of the Palisades. The high school was there first and if you don't like it, sell your property, take your hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased property values from being lucky enough to buy in the Palisades and GET OUT!


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